Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"The Island Of Misfit Toys"

The island of misfit toys
broken by the standards of my kin
Lost in the eyes of the undeserving
Giving my all, my best reserving
The curtain blows, rippling in the winds of inconsistency
Another moment lost on this endless quest for something more
But no sunrise appears, no diamond in the rough
Eyesight blurred with the hopes of something better
Blind to the paradise that surrounds
The time is now, but hands hang limp
Unable to grasp for the seemingly unattainable
Lost is the hope of something more
Standing true is the reality of mediocrity
There is no true treasure, just the illusion, just the hope of something more
What more is there to this tainted game?
Refusal to settle for the American Dream
Is it time to raise the white flag?
To surrender is to lose, but to fight is unbearable
A stalemate is reached
Standing alone on the battle field, time comes to a standstill
No more options, no more fight left inside
It is time to change, time to live
Past experiences used as stepping stones to a new frontier
The sunrise hangs behind the distant mountain range
It is time to trek to the summit
To see that fabled light
It is time for a new life
A life with no expectations
A life much deserved

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