Sunday, August 15, 2010


Sitting in a smoky office, accompanied only by a canine companion. 4:56 a.m. Seems like a lifetime since I've felt the heartbeat of the newest addition to my life softly drumming the rhythm of sweet compassion in my ear, reinforcing the reality that life is beautiful. It's amazing how one half your size can make you feel safe in any situation. Listening to Emo rock, completely identifying with the overwhelming feeling of butterflies in your stomach. 5:02 a.m. These feelings of anxiety, uneasiness and anticipation seem so foreign. It feels like a lifetime since these feelings have come into play; totally throwing the balance of my world into a tailspin. I'd forgotten what it felt like to smile uncontrollably when you hear a person's name or see a photo of them. I'd forgotten what it feels like to fall under that person's spell every time you see them. And most of all, I'd forgotten how much I missed that feeling. It's so difficult to put into words just how i feel. Luckily for me, there stands the medium of text. How easily the words flow betwixt my digits and keyboard. So fluently and eloquently the thousand thoughts a minute transcend from intangible gibberish to discernible beings, bouncing about the screen with grace and uniformity. 5:19 a.m. Past the point of fatigue, I'm jettisoning quickly into the world of tomfoolery. Hopefully this message is delivered to the intended demographic, allowing this nonsensical chatter to be deciphered. It's 100% totally past my bedtime, so farewell until next time.

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