Monday, August 16, 2010


"Keep holding on
When my brain's ticking like a bomb
Guess the black thoughts have come
Again to get me" - Korn

Paranoia, solid black disposition, intolerance, rage. I thought these attributes would be gone after 5 years. Seldom do they sneak up on my unsuspecting spirit, but they're coming on strong today. Apparently, I'm in need of some "personal maintenance". Looking at the situation, all is going pretty damn well in my life; business is good, love life is playing out in an amazing manner, yet I'm feeling this unwavering feeling of impending doom. Ugh. Only time has the power to disperse these feelings, I know. The hard part is waiting them out. That's right. Deliver it to my heart. Eh, fukitol. ;-) Haha. So, in the middle of getting all emo, I have one fleeting thought about one of the best parts of my life today, and I can't stop smiling. Thank you, Princess, for making my day once again.

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