Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"The Island Of Misfit Toys"

The island of misfit toys
broken by the standards of my kin
Lost in the eyes of the undeserving
Giving my all, my best reserving
The curtain blows, rippling in the winds of inconsistency
Another moment lost on this endless quest for something more
But no sunrise appears, no diamond in the rough
Eyesight blurred with the hopes of something better
Blind to the paradise that surrounds
The time is now, but hands hang limp
Unable to grasp for the seemingly unattainable
Lost is the hope of something more
Standing true is the reality of mediocrity
There is no true treasure, just the illusion, just the hope of something more
What more is there to this tainted game?
Refusal to settle for the American Dream
Is it time to raise the white flag?
To surrender is to lose, but to fight is unbearable
A stalemate is reached
Standing alone on the battle field, time comes to a standstill
No more options, no more fight left inside
It is time to change, time to live
Past experiences used as stepping stones to a new frontier
The sunrise hangs behind the distant mountain range
It is time to trek to the summit
To see that fabled light
It is time for a new life
A life with no expectations
A life much deserved

“Gay Rights : A New Perspective On An Old Topic”

In the past 20 or 30 years, the “hot topic” in America has been Gay Rights and Gay Marriage.

This essay is geared mainly towards the restoration, the institution rather, of same-sex partners'

rights as United States citizens. The controversial and taboo nature of this subject is what led me

to choose this topic. We shall now endeavor into the world of equal


As a whole, the importance of equal rights is monumental. Imagine a world where your race, creed or color determines what type of treatment you receive in everyday society. This is the world in which many same-sex partners live. As it may be hard to believe for someone such as yourself, it is a hard reality to swallow for many Americans.

Some Americans stand by their beliefs that equal rights, as far as marriage goes, diminishes so-called “family values”. However, when almost 3% of America's population (almost 9 million people), admit to being predominantly homosexual, how can we honestly say we're protecting family values for these people when they can't legally have families? The United States were founded on the idea that these people would not be oppressed, based on their religious beliefs, or any other reason. Contradictorily, same sex couples have been forced, for their own good, to stay silent about their beliefs, values and morals. This, in my opinion, is in no way following in the footsteps of our forefathers. If we really want to protect family values, we ought to accept every person in the U.S. as our brother or sister and defend their rights, as well as the “moral majority”.

Some of my naysayers will argue that being in a same-sex relationship is “wrong”. But my question to them is, to whom is this action considered “wrong”? I these people were in the shoes of so many Americans who are fighting for their right to join in matrimony, they wouldn't feel it was all that wrong, I don't believe. My point is, the categorizing of right and wrong is all relative. If a man and a woman have the right to join in marriage, so should a man and a man, or a woman and a woman. My side is simple. Give equal rights to ALL Americans, not just select citizens. Gay people have the obligation to pay taxes and join the military, in times of draft, so should they have the moral right to join together as a couple in nothing more than love, bearing the same fruits of their heartfelt dedication to this beautiful country of ours, the UNITED States of America.

My argument remains simple. Equal rights ought to be given to a people that have fought so hard for them in the past years. No one person in this country is better nor worse than the next. We ought to start recognizing this FACT. I shall stand by these words through sunshine and rain, for the rights of citizens ought to be rights, not privileges.


I sit here and listen

to rhythmic words recorded.

Hatred and contempt, but for what?

Because a dollar was made, a redhead impressed?

Sellout synonymous with success.

Are we not just envious?

Do we not just want the same?

A million denied, a fool defined.

The same heart and soul,

but with pennies exchanged.

Mainstream or indie, the same words exclaimed.

Uncle sam is an uncle tom,

A reason for hate?

Fight it to the death, til blue in the face,

but no one is safe.

If a million is offered, who would reject?

A fool in my eyes, but now i regress.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me

It is a strange day in American history. Crime rates are at their highest, employment at it's lowest. Babies being born into an unforgiving society full of sloth, death and hatred. A Democrat in the White House and more special interest groups than can be counted. It is a strange day indeed. But with all the propaganda flying and murder and war, my mind is on another subject, big surprise huh? I am completely engulfed in my own insecurities and fears that just won't seem to leave me alone. There isn't a five minute period that i don't think something catastrophic is going to go down. Some major event i might miss if i go to sleep before 4 a.m. Some person i might not meet, or even worse, one i might lose. I run circles around my mind 24/7 thinking about what COULD go wrong in my life. Fear is the Devil's advocate. If i am so afraid to live my life the way i want to, i will die a lonely, broken old man with nothing but regrets to look back upon. I choose not to live that way today. Instead, just for this minute (i can't promise any longer than that), I'm going to live the way that feels good to me. Not to society's standards, not to the ultimate "cookie cutter" that i call the modern world, but instead, to my own standards that make me feel like a success, that make me feel like i haven't missed out on anything today. Is someone doesn't like the way i conduct myself in my professional life, social life, love life, or personal life, then they have the right to go shove their opinions up their ass and keep fucking walking. If i end up pissing some people off in the process, so be it! They have the same opportunity that i have. Take it or leave it.

I am The Distiller, and i approve this message.

Friday, March 27, 2009


As i lay silent in my bed, i can't help but wonder what i could have done differently. My mind races through a thousand different scenarios. If only i would have done "_____". But would it really have made a difference? I know the world isn't perfect, nor am i. Far from it actually. But i just wish, in my heart of hearts, that i could make that daily improvement for which i strive with an undying ferver. I know I'm am nothing but another man trying to find his place in the world, but it seems so far from real. The white collar businessman has his office. The blue collar construction worker, his tools and workshop. The artist with his canvas and paint. But what do i have? A dream and a handful of shit. Now I'm I'm playing the "poor me" card and bitching about life being to hard, blah blah blah...... But rather I'm expressing my inner anguish that stems from MY lack of vision, MY void from which the natural urges to succeed should flow. It's MY heart that doesn't grasp onto a single project, series, playwright or artist. I have a thousand thoughts at once, all of them telling me to drive myself in different directions. Each one of them completely opposite of the next. But i digress. I know this is nothing more than the all-too-familiar phenomenon called life. In all honesty, I DO know what i want, i do know where I'm going, but am so intimidated by the thought, rather by the opportunity for failure, I coax myself into thinking I'm confused, or lacking direction, or not sure of my future. "This too shall pass" repeats in my head, and i know it will. My patience is wearing thin though. Hopefully it will come soon.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Overwhelming Change

As i sit alone, one hand raised toward the sky, in what seems to be some ritualistic dance, I stretch the tired from my bones. One more key stroke, one more fading memory. The past is what makes us. It is also, sometimes, our downfall. If you remove a single brick from the foundation of a home, the whole structure becomes unstable. Such is life. If we try and remove a single memory, an experience, a past friend or lover, then we jeopardize ourselves as a whole. If we do not embrace everything from our lives, good, bad and indifferent, then we cannot say we are living a life of truth. Mistakes are made along the journey we have labeled "life". However, these mistakes can be turned around and used to our advantage. We must take hold of our pasts, no matter what memories arise, and accept them as they are, no if's and's or but's about it. I learned this lesson today, perhaps a day late, buck short, so on and so forth..... All i know is I, as a person, I cannot be ashamed of my past, nor can i pretend it did not happen. Because of this, I must hold my head high and trudge through this time in my life with honor and civility. If I do not, I will just be filling my soon-to-be-made past with more and more regrets and shame-invoking actions. My life is my playground. If I don't enjoy it, who will?